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Volunteer? Yes or No???

I wanted to get my EMT cert. out of the way and give myself a better chance of getting hired as a firefighter.

I have passed the enterance exam for the EMT program with high scores at 2 dif. schools, and was accepted to both, but the schedules changed last minute and I am un able to attend!

Now, I'm concidering just becomming a volunteer FF, but I really need to know what kind of time commitment this requires? I have a family to support, and I have to put them above my dream. If its reasonable, I can go for it.

Any advice??? Advice on alternatives to the above welcome too!


You know honestly, that's something you should ask the department with which you would like to volunteer -- what kind time commitment they expect of their FFs. If you can swing it, sure I'd go for it after all it's experience.

It will all depend on the department and the program THEy run to see what type of time commitment and anything else is needed.

If you are unable to get into EMT schools at this point due to schedule..then work the volly department if that works into your schedule.

You can get training, certifications and experience all by being a volunteer.

In the long run it will do you good to get into a paid department to show your level of interest and dedication by being a volly.

If you are going to be a volunteer...BE DEDICATED...don't be the firefighter who only shows up if it sounds fun, or if there is nothing better to do, or who wants to just hang out...BE THE BEST!
Experience is something you usually acquire just after you need it!