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National Registry question

Im rolling along in my EMT basic calss and am amazed at how much information is being coverd! It reminds me of my high school biology cl*sses and im surprized at how well the instructors are at teaching the material.... but I am slightly curious as to how much of this stuff I can expect to see on the national registry exam? Granted I am not on a department so I am not 100% sure of what all goes on behind the scenes, but some of the information covered seems as if its way over kill.... needless to say i think its great and will take full advantage of this opportunity, but I still am curious as to what to expect on the exam!

As with many many things in DOES seem like overkill. The purpose is really so you know what goes on in the body and how your treatments may or may not help them. It is all really good information to know. As far as the National Registry will see a fair amount on the test, however, it is mostly in the area of scenarios where they give all the symptoms etc. Just study all you have learned. Because of the "type" of test it is one can't just give a pct of questions that are A&P...Study like you know you should and you will do fine!!!!!
Experience is something you usually acquire just after you need it!

The registry questions you get will mostly be all random scenarios. Some questions wont give you THE BEST answer, everyone's is different. But trust me none of it is overkill because when your stressed and in the thick of it you will always resort back to your basic training. Same reason why fire fighter's practice over and over! I know it seems like a ton of info now but by the end it will all click and come together.

repetition will be your best friend in p*ssing the registry. Oh also when your ready this website helped alot.

It cost a little bit of money but it was worth it. good luck!!

Take it ALL in, process it, and find a way to make meaning of it so it is something you can visualize in your head. Don't cut any corners. Learn it all. Don't be like the guy on Craigslist trying to buy up EMT tests & answers in San Diego. If you are going to be responsible for someone's life, you'd better know your sh*t backwards and forwards. Remember, you are only as strong as your weakest link... Master ALL the skills.... not just what is required of you in cl*ss. e-mail me if you need help with your cl*ss.

(David Falkenau)