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Wildland cert question


Quick question. I am registered for Santa Ana College Feburary Academy and found that I get a S190 Basic Wildland Firefighting cert. To get hired on a CDF crew it says you need a 67 hour academy cert and I am wondering if they are one in the same or totally different.

Not the same. Two different cl*sses.

Think of the 67 hr academy as the basics of wildland firefighting. Numerous wildland instruction and skills both in the cl*ssroom and hands-on. (May be the same as S-130.)

Introduction to Fire Behavior (S-190)

Designed to train firefighters in the basic fire behavior factors that will aid them in the safe and effective control of wildland fires. One day cl*ss.

Intermediate Fire Behavior (S-290)

This cl*ssroom only course is designed to provide students with the knowledge of wildland fuels and fire behavior to make safe and effective fire management decisions on prescribed and wildland fires. 32 hours

Fire Behavior Calculations (S-390)

S-390 is designed to meet training requirements to work in the ICS Operations Section as a Single Resource Boss. Course will instruct prospective fireline supervisors in wildland fire behavior for effective and safe fire management operations. Includes meteorology. 32 hours.

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The "basic 32" and CDF's 67 hour academy are essensially the same thing but they are not interchangable.

The basic wildland cl*ss for the Feds (and most other agencies nationwide) consists of 4 cl*sses, S-130 Wildland firefighter, S-190 Introduction to wildland fire behavior, L-180 Human factors and I-100 Intro to ICS. This cl*ss is typically 40-50 hours. Many of us call it the basic 32 because it used to be 32 hours (and often could be taught in about 24) and that is easier than saying S-130, S-190, L-180 and I-100. It is mostly indoors with a hands on field day at the end.

CDFs 67 hour academy covers most of the same stuff but does not include L-180. In addition it has more related directly to CDF. I understand it also has more outside time, run more like a mini academy with PT etc. I am not sure but understand it also includes more "all risk" related stuff, sort of an intro structure fire.

While they are similar it is best to take the training required for the agency you hope to work for. However if they want you the "wrong" cl*ss can be made to work. I know people who have gone to CDF with the basic 32 and the station added the additional required training OJT. I have hired people with the 67 hour, and we just gave them the L-180 cl*ss at the station.

If the academy only gives you S-190 that is pretty worthless. You will not find the other cl*sses alone so will end up taking that cl*ss again. You should be aware that many colleges have no clue about wildland fire certs and just provide the minimum required by the state FF1 curriculum.
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S-130 now also certifies you for L-180. See the NWCG website. Usually you take S-190 before S-130/L-180 and most organizations offer them back to back. S-130 and S-190 needs to be taken in the cl*ssroom to obtain final certification, because some skills are involved. You can go to NFA Online and take the online portions (which will be taught in the cl*ss anyway), but you won't receive the final certification.

IS-100 cert can be obtained through, or the NFA Online website. Super easy and fast. You can get the cert by pdf.

If you want the all certs and a Pack Test in order to be red card ready, go to