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I have been contemplating on getting a tattoo on my arm. I wanted to know if i am able to get a tattoo and still get hired as a firefighter. Ive been contemplating on it for 2 years now and i have heard both arguments, but i just need a yes or no. lol


Ok, so here is the argument. You can still get hired in some departments if you have tattoos or "distinguishing artwork". The problem is that if it comes down to you and another candidate who doesn't have a tattoo, they may choose the one candidate without the artwork. They may never tell you why they didn't choose you. My advice is wait until you get hired, and then get all the tattoos you want.

I have my own, very personal bias about tattoos. But since fire jobs are so rare nowadays, don't exclude yourself from the process before you even begin.


Yes, I agree with the last post. I went through backgrounds with a large department once, and I remember the BI saying "Don't get anymore tattoos". I have one on each shoulder, they are not in any way offensive, but yet that "could" have been one point or more lost for me on backgrounds, giving the next person without ink a step up! When you make it that far in the process, its like splitting hairs to pick the right person, every minor detail counts!

Thanks alot greenman! I will post pone my tattoos until i get hired and see if the department even allows them. Thanks again. And by the way thanks for your insight about the Reckless driving post i put up. Thanks!

I will say it again so there is no doubt in anyone's mind. Tattoo policies are becoming more stringent, not less stringent. Many departments are adopting policies that forbid ANY visible tattoos.
It's hard enough to get a job, why make it harder?
Paul Lepore
Division Chief

Our tattoo policy is no visible tats wearing a short sleeve uniform. No long sleeve work uniforms. Eliminated a few candidates in previous backgrounds. Beware!!!!