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Anything you'd do different?

Hi there,

I wanted to see if anyone could provide some pointers to my current work out schedule/routine as I'm all about bettering myself.

Currently I run 6 miles 3 days a week (mon-wed-fri). I focus on NOT STOPPING the entire time and usually get it done in just under 60 minutes.

Tuesday and Thursday I swim 1.5 miles along with lift weights (circuit train- chest, back, tri, bi).

Typically I'll do sit up's, pull up's and push up's daily at home/in the office.

I've been eating a diet high in vegetables and fruit and chicken, maybe red meat once a week.

I've been focusing on NOT eating out and only eating freshly prepared food.

I'd like to get stronger so any suggestions are welcome!!


It all depends on what you are training for. Are you training for an Academy, Biddle/CPAT etc.

I've already completed my CPAT.

I'm starting academy in August.

I suppose I'm training for the academy and beyond.

I just want to make sure I'm good and fit.


I would focus on Trunk Stabilization/ Core work to prevent back injury in the academy and beyond. Further, I would consider more resistance training- like with weights- specifically rotator cuff exercises to prevent shoulder injuries. The Low back and the shoulders tend to take a beating in your chosen career path!
Dr. Jen Milus, DC

Hi Jen,

I appreciate the response.

I've played ice hockey goalie since I was a kid.

I've been doing yoga/pilates for... (I can't remember how many years).

I completely agree with you on core strength being important!

Currently I'm running stadiums mon-wed-fri, Tues/Thurs I hit the gym and do an hour of pilates.

Sat/Sun I usaully go hiking or just take it easy (if I'm really feeling brave, i hit up a morning session of pilates on sat).

Anything else I may want to add to the mix?