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Recommendation on Weight Vests

Hi all,

I want to purchase a weight vest (50-60 lbs) to start getting used to the weight while working out.

If anyone has one they'd be willing to sell, can you let me know and we can exchange info?

Otherwise, I've been seeing some $300+ models that I simply cannot afford.

I've seen on Ebay a few:
[url=]MIR 50 lb Weight Vest[/url]

[url=]ZFO 60 lb Weight Vest[/url]

Does anyone use these models/have any thoughts?

I'd like to keep my price under $150.


I got mine off and it is very high quality. Brand new I think they run around $200, a little more than your $150 budget, but they are cheaper than the $300+ vests you have seen. Take care
Kevin Hawke