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Are you looking for a career in the fire service or maybe you're interested in promoting? FireCareers has been committed to helping individuals obtain their career goals since 1981 (See Testimonials). We are a National Fire Department recruitment information service, and covers positions for all levels, from Firefighter to Fire Chief. Each time a fire department is accepting applications, we will notify you via e-mail, Text or Facebook.

The information you will receive includes the name of the testing agency, the position title, the filing deadline, salary, requirements, and who to contact and/or how to get involved in the testing process.

The cost of a monthly subscription is only nine dollars and ninety-five cents ($9.95) US Dollars. You can subscribe simply by filling out the secure on-line form below, after which you will immediately be able to search through the on-line job listings. Note: A 6 month subscription is also available for $55.00 and a 1 year subscription is available for $110.00.

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