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Aspiring Firefighters

Chief Lepore Books


CSFA has partnered with to offer members a 50 percent discount on a subscription. Whether you are just beginning your fire service career, or looking to advance, a subscription to will help keep you informed of job openings, as well as provide you with resources to help advance in your fire service career. As the official provider of firefighter jobs and career development for CSFA, members will receive access to not only job listings, but also blog posts by fire service leaders eager to help each firefighter reach his or her full potential in the fire service. subscribers also enjoy instant job notifications sent to your phone, access to professional career advancement advice, and full-time dedicated research staff that is a toll free phone call or e-mail away. Join CSFA today to take advantage of this valuable member benefit

Fire Alumni

Fire Alumni events are making the difference for numerous firefighters every day. Whether it’s the entry-level hiring process, being a better firefighter or promoting, our live events are designed to better prepare you to become proficient in the skills needed to score in the top tier of all examination processes. You will have the unique opportunity to interact with the experts and develop strategies and tactics that you can apply right away. Our philosophy is simple if we can help you bring out the best in who you are and what you have to offer then you have mastered the process.

Fire Career Zone

Your Career Education and Resource Center Join the Fire Career Zone and seek out amazing opportunities in the Fire Service!

Fire Police Selection Inc.

FPSI has over 15 years of experience in the fire and police recruiting industry, specializing in the development and validation of tests used to select police and firefighters

Firefighter's ABC's

Firefighter's ABC's was founded to keep the recruitment pipeline filled with diverse candidates. Dramatically lower recruitment costs, post jobs and use a host of other tools for recruitment

National Firefighter Testing

The National Fire Select Program is a division of FPSI that focuses exclusively on testing applicants interested in obtaining entry-level firefighter positions with fire departments across the U.S. and in Canada

Public Safety Training Group

World class leaders in career preperation