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The 2013 Smoke Your Firefighter Workshop

Announcing the 2013 "Become a Firefighter Workshop" scheduled for Feb. 24, 2013. This annual event has grown, early registration is recommended. Join us as we help you unlock the secrets to success as a career Firefighter. The speaker line up this year is even better, more presenters and some industry insight that will give you the edge during your next Firefighter testing process

Do I have to preregister or can I pay at the door?  I don't know if I can make it until my schedule is posted.  I want to attend but I don't what to lose my money if I can't come.  Do you offer a refund if I have to cancel? I heard that everyone also gets to do an practice oral is that true? What should I wear? Thanks for your response

Good Afternoon, We are looking forward to having you at the 2013 Firefighter Workshop. We only have 450 seats and do expect to fill them all. If you register now you will guarantee yourself a spot. We will offer refunds in your case. I will need to know your name and when you registered so I can process it if need be. You can also take your chances and register at the door. But we can not guarantee a spot for you unless you do. This years speakers are already lined up and this event promises to be groundbreaking for all attendees. Please visit us at or to register. I look for ward to hearing from you and thanks for your interest in the 2013 Firefighter Workshop. Chief Atlas

Thank you Chief I am looking forward to being at the event.  I will check out your web sites , I also wanted to know about the practice oral interviews.  Does every attendee get a chance to do one? thanks again for responding. Respectfully, Mike