Incentive Program / Refer a Friend

Members of can start receiving FREE service. wants to help you with your budget. Take advantage of this program and save money TODAY!

Here is how it works. Every member of now has an unique URL associated to their membership. When you give your link to a friend or someone creates a membership using your URL sign-in, you will receive a premium equal to 25% in the form of days added to your membership. In other words a monthly subscription is $9.95, it covers a time period of 28 days, 25% of 28 days is equal to 7 days of FREE service. If an annual membership is started using your URL sign-in you will receive 25% of the annual subscription. That is THREE FREE MONTHS added to your membership.

Get a few friends or classmates to use your URL and never pay for a membership again. When you are signed into your membership you will have access to an email tool that allows you to forward your URL to anyone you would like. It's simple and it's FREE.

There are two more great features about the Firecareers Incentive Program. When a person uses your URL to come to the site they will be recorded in a table on your account. You will be able to see everyone who has used your URL. Whether they sign-up now or later you will still get credit. The other great feature is the counting badge every member has. The counting badge shows you exactly the numbers of days you have left on your membership. Each time someone uses your URL to start a membership you will see the days added to your badge.

Special note: No cash value, only value added service. You cannot collect cash in place of days of credit (FREE membership ONLY)