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Applying In Different States

My question is directed at the requirements of applying to departments in different states. In particular, I am wondering how myself (a California resident) qualifies. The areas I am wondering specifically are:

1) EMT: I have passed the national registry, does this transfer to different states? I assume so, but I am unaware if there are different requirements.

2) Physical tests: I have the CPAT, will soon have the Biddle. Does every state have their own physical test that is recognized throughout the state, or does it vary between departments like California? 

3) Fire Academies: I will soon have my FF1 certification and have no idea whether this is recognized in states outside of California.

4) Certifications: Besides FF1 are other certifications recognized by other states if I obtained them in California? (Confined space, Hazmats, etc)

I am looking into Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. How do the above points relate to these states? Also do these states have other requirements I do not know about? 

Also one last thing, how do you guys go and apply for these departments with budget restraints? Physical tests...written....oral....chief oral... Each trip costing a couple hundred dollars would add up quick. How do you keep costs down?

Thanks for reading!