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Firefighter/Paramedic recruitment - Huntington Beach Fire Dept.

Hello I'm Battalion Chief Eric McCoy recruitment officer  with Huntington Beach Fire Department.  We have started this thread to reach out and answer your questions about our Firefighter/Paramedic recruitment.

We are looking for career minded persons to join our team as Firefighter/Paramedics.  Huntington Beach Fire Dept. is a Class 1 rated fire department in Southern California.   The Huntington Beach Fire Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality fire, marine safety and emergency medical services to protect our community its residents and visitors. 

Getting involved is easy you can reach me a couple differ ways during the recruitment period.

Discussion: Post your questions here, you don't have to be a member to post however, you do need a profile. To post a comment or question here follow this link and fill out your profile.  Once you have a profile you can post to this forum.

Email:  Send me an email at

Contact HR:  Apply for this position, contact our human resources department for an application.