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Credit checks from backgrounds

How much does bad credit history affect you with employment? I have had horrible credit since I was 19 and I am now 23. I am improving little by little but I am still having financial troubles. I am currently in a debt consolidation program which will help me pay off my debts sooner. As far as background investigations go, I have a good, clean record other than my credit. Does this automatically disqualify me? Or will they look at other attributes of my character to judge what kind of person I am?

Any response is appreciated. Thank you.
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[color=Red]Your background and personal history does impact your future with the fire department. However, simply put you will be judged on your overall position in life and what changes are being made to right any wrong doings. If you are taking steps to correct a situation that is not a legal or moral issue I am sure that a background investigator will take all your information and your current position into account. Good luck.[/color]
Best regards and Good luck, Craig Freeman