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""Surviving The Fire Academy""

There is a NEW one day presentation for those of you now looking into attending a Fire Academy. The Title of this seminar is "Surviving the Fire Academy". You will recieve a book, video and CD along with valuable information to help prepare you for the Fire Academy. It is centered around the mental, physical and financial requirements of being prepared to attend a Fire Academy. Guest speakers include Fire Fighters, Fire Academy Coordinators, and a motivational speaker that will provide the information you're looking for on being prepared, `read`y to learn, `read`y to succeed! This one-day activity is offered by SAFE-T (Safety And Fire Educational Training) and costs $110.00 which includes the all day session, course materials (book, CD and Video)and lunch! This course is based upon requirements from a seasoned instructor/coordinator and Fire Marshal Accredited Fire Academy. Regardless of what Fire Academy you plan to attend, take this seminar first, it will help answer those questions about what to expect and more importantly, answer the WHY questions you may have. email for details and to sign up.


Why would I need to spend 110 of my hard earned dollars on
an all day session that simply talks about a FF Academy?
Especially when all of that information can be obtained for
free at any community college that offers an academy. Also,
there is such major difference between each city when it
comes to drill towers that you couldn't possibly prepare the
student for every academy.

My advice to those seeking information on training
academies is to visit the local community or city college that
offers one. If you need other information, you can get specific
with it by visiting a local fire station with some ice cream or
something else and the fine people working there are usually
more than willing to give you information.