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emt ?

hi im just wanting to find out as much info.
What does the emt actually do becuase theres a difference between a emt and paramedic ofcourse. so whats the emts responsiblity?

The level of care provided by EMTs varies from state to state (some states allow EMTs to intubate, or give epi-pens, others don't), but in a nutshell, it goes like this:

EMT (also know as basic EMT, or EMT-B): Do a basic patient assessment, give oxygen, backboard, splint fractures, dress wounds, perform CPR, ventilate patients with a BVM (bag valve mask), and other basic procedures.

Paramedic (Also known as Advanced EMT. AEMT, or EMT-P): Do a more advanced patient assessment, perform the same basic skills as an EMT, perform advanced airway techniques (Intubations, surgical and needle crics), start IVs, use heart monitors, be able to read EKG strips, give medications, and other advanced procedures. They also get bigger paychecks.

It will take a couple of years to get your paramedic licensure, but it is well worth it.

Just remember: air goes in and out; blood goes round and round; any variation of this is bad.

... you forgot pink is good, blue is bad.