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New to California

I just moved to California from Missouri a few weeks ago. I have been a rual firefighter for 5 yrs. now, and have First Responder, Auto rescue, Basic firefighting skills, and ground operations safety certification through the University of Missouri - Columbia. Where do I go now?? Will any of my certifications transfer? How do I get my foot in the door? Do I have a chance even though I am not EMT certified?? :quest: ANY help is GREATLY GREATLY appreciated.
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Sounds like your on the right track. I would suggest that you
just begin testing. While you are testing, look into some of the
private or public (Junior Colleges) entities that offer the EMT
class. California will accept National Registry EMT. The other
certifications probably won't help you unfortunately. They are
good foundation builders that you can expand on.

Most of the fire agencies in California do require EMT, but
that doesn't preclude you from testing while your getting it. I
suggest test, test and when you get tired of testing, then test
some more. It will do nothing but help you.

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Welcome to California.

Now for the bad news. Your out of state certifications will NOT transfer. The California State Fire Marshal does not offer any reciprocity for out of state certifications. So you will likely have to duplicate training. You can, however, find a department that might be willing to sign you off as having met the training requirements for the CSFM Firefighter I certification which would keep you from having to attend an academy. You will be hard pressed to find such a department to reserve or volunteer for without your EMT cert. You should get that immediately if you are serious about the California Fire Service. You don't say what area you live in, but if you give that info others on here may be able to provide some more specific information. Also, consider re-posting this topic in the Open Forum; It will get more attention.
Good Luck!