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psychological evaluation

I was recently told that I was not recommended by the psychologist for a big city dept. I took and passed a similar test to get onto the department I am currently working for now. Does anyone know how I can go about getting an appeal or a second opinion. Or if this is even possible. I have no idea where to begin with this. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Without getting into too many of the whys and wherefores, let me first congratulate you on getting into the Department you are now working for!

In short, the appeal process (if any) varies by locale and agency. Given the international scope of this forum, it is not possible for any of us to give you specific advice without knowing more. If the big City you mention was like Los Angeles, you would not (as a Firefighter candidate) have much in the way of any "legal rights" in the form of an appeal. Then again, your question is best posed directly to the agency at which you were applying.

Before you offer us more - or proceed with such an appeal, you have to weigh the potential benefits and dangers to your current and future career status (and yes, your true psyche!).

Just like that high school sweetheart who once dumped you, there are some chapters in life that we shouldn't be too quick to reopen or re-engage. We may not like what we find when we get there.

Will the appeal process bring you under greater (and possibly inappropriate) scrutiny by your current employer and colleagues? Will you be haunted by the outcome of your appeal one way or the other? Will you be seen as a less than loyal new hire by your current employer?

Ask yourself and answer honestly: What are you truly hoping to accomplish in this appeal? You already have a job. Are you seeking to settle a score? Can you say that you are honestly likely to be hired by this big city agency in the long run? Would you really *want* to work for them? Do you risk being labeled as a psych case - or worse yet, becoming one when they tell you they (rightfully or wrongfully) felt that you represented a danger for something as obtuse as "workplace violence".

Choose your battles wisely my friend, or you just might get what you ask for! You are facing a minefield and the most important step is the first one. Only you can decide if that is the best path for you.

Again and most importantly, congrats on your new job!


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As the old saying goes, you may win the battle, but you will
lose the war. If you did appeal and won, trust me that they
would find some way to wash you out either during your
academy or during probation.

They can release you anytime during the academy or
probation for "just cause". That could be "just cause" they
don't like what you did. It's best to just let it go and move on.

Good luck in whatever decision you make.
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You won't be the first or last firefighter who has failed a psych for another department. Just because you passed one doesn't automatically mean you will pass more. I'll bet the problem was in the interview with the psychologist. The other problem is you will probably never find out why.

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SacMetroFF might be right about winning the war and losing the battle, but this might help in gaining another opinion:

What do you do if you have not passed the psychological test?

Most agencies are not aware that if you are conditionally offered a position if you pass the medical, that a clinical assessment by a psychologist is considered part of the medial examination. Pre-employment medical examinations must comply with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act and in California with the California Fair Employment Act Section 7294.0(d) of title 2 of the California Code of Regulations states:

(2) Where the results of such medical examination would result in disqualification, an applicant or employee may submit independent medical opinions for consideration before a final determination on disqualification is made.

What this states is that if you have not passed a psychological test that was part of a medical, you should be given the chance to obtain a second opinion. Cities and agencies might not be aware of this law. Most people are unaware that they can appeal the decision.

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