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PAT (Biddle) & CWH Test

Many have asked about the Physical Abilities Test (Biddle) and where you can go to take the CWH Test. Heres the Answer:

Rio Hondo College, Mt. San Antonio College and Santa Ana College all offer the Los Angeles County & Orange County Fire Chiefs Physical Abilities Test.

Rio Hondo College also offers the Firefighter Written Examination (CWH). We are currently the only College that offers this exam in California although two other institutions are looking into offering this exam in mid-2004. Many Los Angeles County Fire Departments require potential recruits to take this exam.

At Rio Hondo College, you can schedule yourself for the PAT or CWH Test by calling 562 692-0921 ext 4055 or ext 4051. The PAT is held every 2nd Saturday of the month at 0800 and is free although a $5.00 donation is requested to replace gloves, hose and test supplies. We only schedule 40 people for each session and will only schedule this class one month at a time.
(* Please don't call to schedule yourself for the April class now, as we are only taking requests for January 2004 at this time)

The CWH Test is held the second Saturday of each month at 1:00 pm. It will take apporximately 4 hours to complete. It costs $35.00 per candidate and checks can be made payable to Rio Hondo College. We only schedule 40 candidates at a time for this test as well.

You may email Tracy Rickman at for questions or call 562 941-4082.