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thank you notes

to capts bob and paul I had a chiefs interview yesterday and I feel that it went well , a sincere thank you for your help and books. only time will tell to see how well it went. my question now is, is it appropriate to send a thank you note to thank the board members for their time and consideration. if so what confines should I keep with this. thank you again

Many want to send thank you notes thinking it will help the chief's remember them because "they said" you should do it. I've been looking for "they" for 30 years and haven't found them yet. They probably have already made the decision by the time you lick the stamp. I don't believe it will make any difference, but if it will let you sleep better go ahead.
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Fire "Captain Bob"
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I agree with Bob on this one. I don't know that it will help as they have already made their decision. More importantly, it shows class. Whether or not you get the job, it makes a statement of what you are really about.
You would send it because it is the right thing to do, not because you will get extra points.

As one of my best friends says; "If you live your life with dignity and honor, the gods will repay you".
I hope things work out in your favor.
Paul Lepore, Captain
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