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Fire Technology @ Rio Hondo College

As I "Check In" to ever so often, I'm excited to see so many great things happening in today's fire service. There seems to continually be thoughts of positive change, reinforcement and encouragement for those seeking employment and for those veterans who make up today's fire service professionals. As President of the California Fire Director's Association in 2004 and Coordinator of the Rio Hondo College Fire program, I myself am encouraged and challenged to make today's fire service and the people who make up this tradition, the best it can be.

Seek out your local Community College,earn your degree, give back (if even in some small way) and do things not so much for the paycheck (although earning a living is important), but because you remember how someone helped you. If you're working hard to earn that badge, work harder and stay focued and your goal will be obtained in time and in patience.

If your interested in Education and Training (which if you're reading this, you are interested) seek out a local College that fits your schedule and offers those classes you need. El Camino, East LA, Glendale, PCC, MT SAc, Santa Ana, Crafton Hills and Rio Hondo all offer some or all the classes needed for a degree. A few of us also offer a Fire Fighter Academy and a couple of us offer a "Full Service" fire program from online classes to wildland programs, State Fire Courses and EMT.

Specifically at Rio Hondo, we are offering the following:

Fire Instructor 1B
Driver Operator 1A/1B- April?May 2004

Wildland Fire Academy (for 2004 Wildlland Season, Hired by US Forest Service, Angeles National Forest)

EMT- June 1st through July 1st
EMT July 5th through August 5th

20 Courses offered in the Fall Semester (2 online)
2 EMT classes offered during the Fall Semester 2004.

FireFighter I Academy (Full Time) Starting July 12th 2003- November 20th

Fall 2004:

Fire Command 1A/ 1B
Fire Instructor 1A/1B
Fire Management 1
Fire Prevention 1A/1B

Check out your Local College, earn your certificate and/or Degree, be involved and most importantly.......Have Fun!

Tracy Rickman, MPA
Rio Hondo College

*If you interested in earning your Associate or Bachelor Degree, email me at

Will applications for your academy be handed out during next months info. meeting. Also when are the apps. due if the academy starts July 12.

I wanted to know if you knew when the next Part-Time Fire Academy was going to be taking place? Also when would be a good time to go to a local fire station to ask for a sponsorship?