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Entry Exams

I need info on civil service written exams. I have the Barron's exam book but if someone has anything extra on math and mechanical exams designed for civil service. The last one I missed an interview by two points. I need something to put me over the top.


You can put into any search engine and put in "multiplying and dvividing fractions" and go to "AAA Math". they have almost every formula you could imagine. There are plenty of books about mechanical apptitude, even here at "products" at firecareers. It helped me a tremendous amount! Also there are books about civil service math, also here in their bookstore. Try the library, or go to barnes and noble, buy a coffee and look around. Just bring a notebook, and be patient. Good luck

For the math or word comprehension, candidates tell us the Firefighter Entrance Hand Book is the best. For math, you only need to know about twelve formulas. Those formulas are in this book. Once you have the formulas down, you just plug in the numbers or convert the word math problems into the formula and you can't be fooled. Once you gorilla your way through the 279 pages, your score will be higher. One candidate told us it made his head hurt, but he got hired in Seattle. You can order it here off of

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