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Does any one know how to get the los angeles county sleeve patch,i believe they wear them now,also does orange county fire authority air operations have a sleeve patch,thanks so much,Dan-0

As an anti-terrorism measure, Los Angeles County Fire Department no longer gives patches to anyone who is not an active member of the department.

Good I'm glad that they are strict on that. I think that all departments should be that way. I know you can buy Fire Department shirts anywhere and people buy them but they don't represent that department to well. They wear the shirt with pants 10 sizes to big, long hair, facial hair, and looking all scrubby which I think is wrong. I think that there should be a strict policy on the CSFA helmet stickers that people have on their cars. All fire department stickers on cars should be taken off unless you are associated with the fire service.

So do you work on truck 98 or just aspire to work on truck 98....and if not, isnt that as much a false representation as a sticker? Just curious...not condemming
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My post regarding the patch for LA County was to ad to a patch collection i have in my den,nothing else,i would not even wear a t-shirt of a fire dept,unless i was with that department.However i have worn a t-shirt in honor of fallen firefighters (FDNY) given to me by the mother of a fallen firefighter on 911.Thanks for you're comment.

Dan-O, like I said before, the department no longer gives out official patches. BUT, you can get station patches, which are considered unofficial items, from an LACo firefighter, and they're often available for purchase on EBay. It'll be very difficult to find an LA County Sleeve patch though.
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I am replying to request from BigDaddy regarding info on patches,sorry for the delay,yes i would be intrested in any info you have.Happy Easter

That's strange they sell your patch and mine and also CSFA and union stickers on ebay so I dont think your statment is correct OH WELL !!
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As of 02/01/06 Ebay Item 7741100195 California=Ca County Los Angeles Fire Patch this is the new patch of LACFD. I also do not feel ebay is preventing this abuse. You can buy badges, helmets (LAFD RA88 Helmet)and union and csfa window decals. I Called ebay on it with the union decals and they still sell them on ebay. Anyone have a idea what step to take next ????

Hey PETE, I'm with you on the whole ebay thing, what gives with people selling IAFF decals and the Local helmet stickers. I have no idea what step should be next?? I've even seen IAFF decals on for sale, to buy these all you need is your credit card, no IAFF local letterhead needed to order these items. At least at you have to send your order on a IAFF local letterhead to purchase the items you would like!!

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I agree with you guys. Terrosists are planning events in the US. I am pretty sure it will involve the fire department in some way. Some have suggested it may involve an ambulance laden with a secondary device etc. Why make it easier for them.
Imagine the after action report when it becomes known that a terrorist impersonated a firefighter by wearing a uniform and a badge he purchased on ebay.
How easy do we want to make it for them?
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I agree about purchasing patches,i guess the old days of getting them to collect has long passed.I regret ever posting this about patches.And i do understand about what is going on with these fanatics that want to attack us.I wanted to just mention that first off i would not purchase one on e-bay,or by other means,usually it was just thru trading with other collectors.