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Fire Helmet Decal


I have window decals of a red/white/blue fire helmet with the ribbon below it saying "americas firefighters never forgotten". I would like to know if I could add this to the pacthes section.

Please reply to this or email me at

YES, You will need to send it to us as a jpeg or send it to us and we can scan it.

Did you get the JPEG file I sent to you

hey Id like to know

I have had a few email inquiries regarding these decals.

I have them listed on EBAY under the title "Fire Helmet Sticker Decal 911 FDNY"

A portion of the proceeds go to the Bakersfield City Fire Departments Burn Foundation.


I have not received the image as of this date please advise the date you sent it and I can check my email filter to see if it was pulled from my emails. Also, you need to send it to me at

As a side note anyone wishing to get their Dept patch or emblem in our on line collection, send it to me at the above email address.