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will this ruin my chances?

I am currently trying to become a firefighter but I have one concern. A while ago I was seeing a therapist because I was going through some hard times and sought help in order to deal with those hard times. Will that come back to haunt me? Will the fire departments see that as a weakness in me and not hire me because of that? Please let me know what you think.

Hey! You should get props for being mature enough to seek help with personal issues. I feel and see that in todays society that it is better to seek help than to let issues build and then possibly cost you your job.

Those smart enough to reach out when they need it and get that "tune up" will find they can go the distance and make it through in one piece. Those that don't too often leave a trail of broken pieces behind them as they go or worse.

It all depends. If the department does a psych test the psychologist will want you to give permission so they can talk to your doctor.
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