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EMT Training / Los Angeles Area

Good Afternoon,

Can anyone kindly point me out on how to get my EMT's cert?... i am located in the los angeles area... i tried the web but had very little luck with it...



Check out the community colleges in your area...

Try, its UCLA's emt course. They've got a few different schedules and the instructors are some of the best.


Welcome aboard and good luck. The internet can sometimes but not always be a blessing.

When looking for a particular type of training or certification, I try to think location, timing and relevant organization(s).

Given your quest...

We need to narrow this to the Los Angeles area. We then need to make it current, and when it comes to relevant organizations - well, its easy to get overwhelmed - especially if we seek information directly from the *point of training*. :(

While a dozen of us could post links to schools we happen to know of, I chose to take a pause and think again.

The question that came to mind was: What is the next tier or category that these seemingly disparate programs belong in?

Putting it into an "organization chart" perspective, who must permit, organize, certify or oversee these training classes - in this case throughout Los Angeles County.


Any guess at what I came up with? Before you scroll down for the answer, please think about where you would turn given the information above.

The answer and a link appears below

The LA County Department of Health Services, EMS Agency maintains a roster of all approved EMT programs in their jurisdiction:

Best Wishes,

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Thank you so much for your information provided,... i was a bit overwhelmed with what i came up with my previous results from the web but your information given would sure come a long way.... Thanks a bunch & take care....



"Live long & prosper"


As another reply mentioned, take a look at the program UCLA/Daniel Freeman Hospital has. I signed up for their course and begin next month. They offer a number of different programs that fit whether you can attend full time or part time and the cost is really good for a non-community college program at $700. I chose UCLA over all the other programs up in Northern Cali based strongly off the excellent reputation they have for their paramedic program. Check them all out and figure out what you personally can 110% devote yourself too. From what I have gathered from different instructors at different schools, the drop out rate is at least 50% for EMT programs mostly because people have not read the book before starting the program or struggle on their skills. Practice, practice, practice, `read`, `read`, `read`!!!! So vital to your success.

Best of luck to you in your decision.

Another thing, don't let something stupid like having your shots up to date keep you out of class. Be prepared.

Brian Smith
"Going big or Going home"