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Another background check: Military

Good morning,

I know background investigators check if a candidate has a military "draft number" (And if he or she does not have one, from the information I got at a seminar this year it may in fact disqualify him or her from the hiring process). But I was wondering if a background investigator would check if a candidate has ever "applied" to a branch of the military. For example, if a candidate applied to the Army and for some reason did not qualify as a recruit, would there be further investigation into that matter? HHhhmmm...?

It is required to submit a copy of your selective service number and for my department, I actually had to submit a copy of my selective service card.

It is a government requirement that every male, once he turns 18 years old, register with the government in case a draft situation is ever needed. If you do not register for the draft, then you are not in compliance with a government regulation, which can disqualify you from the hiring process.

It is common in your background to be asked for a list of all departments you have tested for, list of any position in which you had to do a background investigation or if you have ever failed a drug test.

It seems to me you are trying to cover something up that came out in your application process with the Army. I have never been in the military, so I do not know what can disqualify you outside of medical conditions, poor test scores, or failure of a drug test.

If your situation was a medical one, the medical portion of the hiring process is VERY thorough and you will be asked by the City doctor if you have ever failed a medical exam as part of a hiring process.

I can only tell you this, general rule of thumb with a background investigation is that if it is out there, they WILL find it.

While I was not asked for a list of every job I applied for a did NOT get, the background process is so thorough that it is very difficult to cover things, since so many questions are asked eventually the situation you are trying to hide is asked about in one form or another.

Every department does a background investigation, some are deeper than others, so the answer to your question is possibly, just depends on the department.

I appreciate your insight FF/PM1. The Army was just merely an example. I brought up this issue because it has been in the back of my mind ever since I decided to pursue a life in the Fire Service.
Four years ago I went through a 3 month recruitment process with the U.S. Navy. I wanted to become a Naval Officer and work as a Navy Nurse. And yes...I was honest in admitting on my application that I used an illegal drug in the past with which I submitted a one page letter explaining why I did it, when I did it, and how often.
As I put together my best portfolio, at the end of the process I got word that I did not qualify to become a Naval Officer. But that wasn't what hurt me the most, it was because I never got an answer why the Navy decided not to chose me. Was it because I didn't have enough experience as a nurse? Was it because I didn't have any military experience? Or was it really because I admitted to using an illegal drug? I lost so much focus afterwards that I failed my California State Board for Nursing and decided to quit all together.
I started working as a Tech at a local hospital. After many months went by and day after day as I came across so many critically ill children and adults, I came to realize why I chose to help people in the first place. For 4 months I neglected family and friends just so I could study for the state boards. I eventually passed and got a job working as an RN in the ICU.
As to date, as I decide to step into yet another elite organization..."will history repeat itself?" Do I fear that a Fire Department will look into my military past? Of course. Will I be honest like I was in the past? Absolutely. Is it worth the risk to strive for the best job in the world.....Most definitely.