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Where to get Education

I am 21 years old and took my first test on my birthday. I made it to the Oral board with Pasco FD and scored a 91, but am #21 on the list because I did so poor on the math portion of my written. Thank god I know that is something I can improve on. Now I know I need to start on my degree to improve my chances but am stuck between two choices. I can move to Austin, TX and go to ACC where I have a sister. Now I am considering the possibility of moving to Hawaii but I question the quality of fire science training on such a small island, weighed with the fact that there's very few volunteer or career department opportunities. The only programs there I have found are Honolulu cc, Kapiolani cc, and Maui cc but know nothing of their degree quality or credibility. I know these are two opposite destinations but they are both great places to live while getting my fire science degree. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks