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Out of state question (really need help)

Hey everyone,

I have a question, I am in California and I am a nationally registered EMT-B. I am wanting to move to Tennessee soon but am facing problems. I am thinking the Nashville area but I understand there is a wait list to become a firefighter.

Should I apply in LA County, go through the academy, get some training and experience down first before I go to TN to better my chances?

Or would I be ok to go ahead and move there with my EMT-B Cert and try to apply there. I would prefer to move faster, but I want to also better my chances to be a firefighter.

Any suggestions? Are you nationally certified as a firefighter after you pass an academy and start working anywhere in the US?

Thanks everyone! Any feedback would really be appreciated.



What is it that you want to do? I gather you are trying to get informed so that you can make a choice.

Are you thinking that IF you get hired by Los Angeles County Fire that that would make you a better candidate in TN? Have you talked with any in TN about this approach?

While there are NFPA standards for firefighter, there is no national certification for firefighter with the exception of the military. While all civilian fire academies across the US have standards, not all academies have the same standards.

Best wishes

That seems to answer my question. I will decide after I get to TN. Thanks for the information!