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Fire Department Certifications

I am interested in becoming a Firefighter in LA, or a nearby county. Under requirements on the LAFD website it says only CPAT and the written test along with a high school diploma. I was under the impression that you needed to have certifications from fire science courses as well. Is that not true?

Where did you get this "impression" from?

Answer that question first.

Best wishes

Reading all of the information on training programs made me think you needed to have that training. I was in the army for 10 years, which I know helps my chances of acceptance into a good program, I just wasnt sure of the exact requirements.

Not true. All the requirements you need is what you see on the LAFD website. First you take a written test and then if you pass you move on to the oral interview, which can consist of either 2-3 people on the panel. This is where you give it your all because you have to score between a 90-95 on the oral to move on in the process. Good Luck!

Salute for serving our country and thanks for being there!

The requirements to file an application are minimal and people who have those minimal requirements can and do get hired because they had a good interview. But just because you may meet the mininal requirements doesn't mean you will get an invitation to test and interview.

As we like to say here in the PFC bulletin board, learn how to take an firefighter interview.

However, if you are going to be a serious firefighter candidate, you need to have an AS/AA degree in Fire Science and a Firefighter 1 certificate via the State Fire Marshal's office, be a basic fire academy graduate and have some paid call, volunteer or auxillary firefighter time. If you don't have these things, you need to be working toward obtaining them.

While professional fire certifications are good, padding a resume with these certifications isn't the key to getting hired. Your interviewing skills is the big factor in getting offered a badge.

I suggest you get yourself a mentor, purchase some of the books available from PFC by Chief Paul Lepore and Captain Bob and find an interview coach. Pay very close attention to what your fire science class instructors have to say.

Best wishes
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all you need is your cpat and a high school diploma anything else dude is on you the more knowlege you have the better.

just to let you know... For LAFD all you need to have prior to the written test is your CPAT. Here is the website if you want more information. This will give you all the info you need. if you have any questions let me know

If you pass the written exam that just helps you to the next step, the interview. Is that correct? What is the best way to keep tabs of when the test is given in LA County?