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SOOO where do I start?!

Just graduated college...Want to be a firefighter more than anything. Where do I begin? Can anyone direct me to any resources that would guide me through the entire process from beginning (certifications, requirements, classes, etc.) to end (getting the job and wearing the uniform)?

use the search young jedi.

I am in the same boat as you and I have made google my best friend. Would definitely be a good thing to get your my experience there are more departments than not that require this as a minimum.

Start out by clicking over into the "Open Forum" section and perusing the board there. Lots of threads out there on the where-to-start issue.

Good luck,

Paul Lepore has 2 really good books to start out: Aspiring FF's 2 Year Plan, and How to Smoke Your FF Interview. You can get them on this site or Paul's website

Read the boards here, and over on Come up with a timeline and a plan, and start moving on it.

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Captain Bob has a great book Called "becoming a firefighter". It's on his web site:

It's a fun read

Dr. Jen Milus, DC
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Hey krikor enable your PM

Go down to your local fire station and chit-chat with real humans.......pick up some first hand info.....go from there!