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Weekend Fire academies

I currently work full time and cannot afford to attend a traditional academy. I am looking for fire academies that are scheduled on weekends in the Los Angeles county area. Any info or shared experience would be greatly appreciated.

Santa Ana College in Orange County has a part-time academy. I attended it over 10 years ago and it is an excellent academy. The schedule is Saturday's with some Sundays and 1 or 2 nights a week over a 9 month period. You usually have to take some prerequisite fire science classes prior to attending.

The Verdugo Fire Academy is also a part time academy that is available through Glendale Community College. It is scheduled for thursday nights 1800-2200 which are PT sessions, then all day Saturday and Sunday from 0800-1700. The class is a year long. I graduated from there several years ago and the instruction is top notch. They have a website as well as information meetings about once a month. The web site has all the info. Good luck!

Look into El Camino College. They have a part time academy as well. It is mainly week nights and everyother Saturday. Great academy, Great instructors and you burn frequently, actually you burn a lot. The academy is located in Ingelwood, CA, while the school is located in Torrance, CA. I do not remember it being all that expensive. Good luck, hope this helps.