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emt-b certification questions

I am in the process of becoming a fireman. I have taken the preliminary written and physical tests and have had my scores sent out. As I am waiting for interviews I am trying to do as much as I can to prepare myself for a firefighting career. Getting my EMT-b certification is something that I want to do, but community college is very expensive.(over 1,000 dollars for one course) I was wondering if anyone knew of any othe method/route to getting EMT-b certification that would be more cost effective.

Where do you live? In southern california classes are usually 20 dollars a unit. EMT is usually a 3 or 4 unit class with the lab portion. Always costs less than $100. I have never heard of community college costing that much.

I attended they offer 3 and 7 week courses and matt goodman is a very good instructor. also if you are interested api weinart(fire captain) also offers a course starting in early feb. through santa ana college.

Im with blueprint ...Matt Goodman and CIEMT....accelerated courses that make you learn!
Experience is something you usually acquire just after you need it!

I recently heard that Santa Ana College has a Campus in Laguna Beach, but I have been unable to locate that campus or Api Wienert. Can someone please point me in the right direction. I keep finding the Santa Ana College in Rancho Santiago.

Also, respectfully with regards to CIEMT, I have been advised against doing an online EMT by people I know in Fire Departments. I would like to hear your thoughts (blueprint and bigdaddyfire) so that I can make the best decisions possible.



I agree with those who have told you that on line EMT is no bueno.....CIEMT is a school in Signal Hill (Long Beach) CA and as far as I know DOES NOT do online education...
Experience is something you usually acquire just after you need it!

CIEMT does not offer online classes for the EMT-B course. Matt Goodman offers 3week(4-10pm) & 7(days) week classes, Good instructors and a lot of equipment.This class is fast paced and you must put in the time or you will fail. but u learn alot!!!

Api Weinart Emt-B recently moved to Huntington Beach location at the Junior Lifeguard Headquarters the class is actually about to start. Api Weinart is highly respected and has various instructors from paramedics, CoastGuard, Nurse, Lifeguard, firefighters etc..

103 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, Ca 92648. The course begins April 7th, 2009, at 6pm. The course runs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6-10pm until June 25th, 2009. Coast is $350 for everything.