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Ultimate Firearms Training

Fire Service Members
The Millionaire Patriot, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and developer of the world class Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada is making an extraordinary offer to all of us in the Fire Service.
I have been in the Fire Service for over thirty years and like you have attended many classes claiming to make me more of something, better at this or that and then not coming thru.
Good news, this is for real and it without a doubt will enhance your firearms skill beyond belief.
I can attest to the success of this training as I have been a student of Front Sight for over 12 years. I was the guy that owned guns and had shot a few times in my life but truly had no clue about gun handling. I was one of the 95% of the gun owning public that ?did not know what I did not know.? I was ignorant to gun safety, manipulation, and could not have told the difference between a magazine and a clip.
After my first visits to Front Sight I was amazed at how the expert cadre of instructors from military and police department background brought a group of people like me (lacking training) to one of acute gun handling in 4 days! This is a total learning environment focused on making you the student as good as you want to be. In addition to range time there are lectures on the use of deadly force, mental codes of awareness and what are the best weapons to buy and why.
Do yourself a favor and get this training. These classes can be done during the week or on weekends fitting most fire service schedules.
Dr. Piazza even throws in all the gear you need and a free Springfield Armory XD pistol!
I?m not kidding. See:
Dr. Piazza has made this special discount for us to take advantage of for a limited time so my suggestion is to jump on it. Come as a crew for a team building opportunity.
J. A. Graham

Sooo, Whats the "extraordinary offer to all of us in the Fire Service?" I see on the link you provided that anyone can take the course at that price. If I'm missing something please advise.
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