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SFFD / Bay Area EMT Class

Hey everyone !
For those of you who will be taking the San Francisco Fire Department written test coming up in a few months but still need to take an EMT class, we ask that you consider taking it through American Health Education.

We have 2 classes starting 1st few weeks of July.

Class #1 is an accelerated EMT program which goes from July 7th - Aug. 13th. 3 days a week [ Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ] with both lecture and skills on the schedule.

Class #2 is our standard Saturday and Sunday EMT class. Dates are July 11th - Sept. 20th.

Tuition for both classes are $1395.00 each and that includes AHA CPR training and card, all books and handouts, and your National Registry EMT Skills testing.

Many of the instructors are firefighters and medics with SFFD, SJFD, LPFD, NFD, CoCoCoFPD, OFD, ALCOFD,and CALFIRE.

Any questions regarding either of these classes, please contact us at 1-800-483-3615,, or on this site under username AHE.

Thanks and good luck !
Rich & Jack @ AHE
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