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Body Weight and Free Exercise


RE Bill Hunt and Mick Bolton, i wrote full length articles on them both in Dave Williams Strength Athlete. Bill was a tough old bugger, used to write proper letters to me(still have them) and was also probably next to Maxick, Maxaldings most famous pupil in most of the adverts. Mick Bolton was a good guy, tough grip as Peter says from his stunts with wall bricks, i worked on the buildings, and know how bricks can make your hands bleed with use, some bricks being heavier than others , ie. wire cuts rather than "facers" we used to do the regular ," see how many bricks you can lift with the arms shoulder height pinch grip". As for rope climbing, having the pre mentioned bird legs, it was quite easy for me to climb ropes without using the legs, in fact also climbed the ropes hands only gripping a small barrel between my feet to add weight, problem w as after reaching about 30 feet up a tree, lost my grip, slid down the rope, cut two large grouves in my hands as in rope burns and after that went back to sissy dumbell one arm rowing. If i find the articles will give the references for them, or even try some high tech and get pix attatched...who knows whats possible with possitive thinking, then maybe not. and yes Pete, had a slight "inckling" the bromide is wearing off, had a touch of wood, more like a splinter really,

Please help.

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