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the best Training Video Ever

I ordered the 1st reaction video last month to get ready for my up coming physical agility. Now I turn Heads everywhere i go. My friends can't believe the shape i'm in. I flew through the physical agility for L.A. city now i"m waiting on the biddle. check them out!!! thank me later.

Have you tried the video before? I saw you posted this on 04/05/03

"there is a company that has a video and a fitness packet to asist firefighters get in shape to take the physical agility, and they have a 100% success rate.
Has anyone heard of this company?
the program is incredible"

Are you plugging the company or have you really used the program?

I'm still on the program. This is my first week not being sore,But I love the way I look and feel. I can send you before & after Pics, or e-mail me and I can send you a copy of my Program or call them (310)242-6722

Hello. Tell me more about this program!! I am just starting out, and need any suggestions I can get. I am a female fire fighter from Missouri, and am starting new here in California. How can I get a copy of this without completely draining my wallet. I am VERY limited right now because I just moved here 2 weeks ago.


Kelly :p
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Ladie Wolfe,

This guy is constantly pimping this product under several false names claiming it is the "BEST" thing since sliced bread. Unless this program comes with supply of steroids, you can probably get the same results by having a little bit of DISCIPLINE and DEDICATION! He stopped posting his claims on the public board because everyone that could see through his bulls**t hammered this person. Sounds like a rip off to me.
Remember FDNY's Fallen

The link to the video isn't working. Is there a phone number or something to order it? I, too am a girl in training and need all of the help I can get! Thanks!
Rebecca Levin-Krolicki

My personal opinion...

Before any of you plop down your money, please take a moment to consider the fact that some of these gutless phantoms (is there anything more despicable to a Firefighter than a coward?) haven't had the common decency - much less the common sense - to publicly respond to countless inquiries and pleas for information. Ask yourself, why can't these juveniles use their real names and be accountable for their claims?

Can you say d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e?

Maybe the better term is: pathetic!

Some of you may not be fond of all the vendors that ply their wares and services here on the PFC Bulletin Board. At least most of them have the courage to be up front about who they are and furthermore reply to all comments and questions in a straightforward public fashion. Not so for this firm.

If blindly doing business with a firm (any firm) that fits the model of a modern-day Snake Oil Salesman doesn't cause you to think twice - the Fire Service is probably not the career for you!

Here's an example of one man's rather blunt request for info that was never returned:

Tell me, do you think you'll do better when you ask for customer service? Do you really want to trust these folks with your credit card or checking account information? Only you can answer the question - and only they can earn our common trust by crawling out from under a rock lableled "fear, lack of commitment and self doubt".

Speaking my personal thoughts on my own time.

Please no e-mail. Public replies only. Thank you!

I think this individual had his cage rattled way too many times, The website link appears to be inoperable....PERMANENTLY.....good!
Remember FDNY's Fallen

tmac claims he has seen huge results and is now turning heads. A couple of months ago this same person was trying to sell his video to others here and now he is trying to say he orderd his own video?? That sounds like a huge RED FLAG!!! What's going on tmac? Are saying it only took you a couple of weeks to see dramatic results? if so, you are way off, it takes alot longer then a couple of weeks to see and feel the results. For those of you looking for a workout program, there have been many threads on here that can help you with your workouts. There is no need to buy pointless video tapes because the bottom line for working out is Dedication. If you know how to run and do push-ups then you know how to workout. NO need to purchase anything save your money for other things like gas to get to test!!
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I agree. This is garbage.

I emailed them a while back and it took over a week to get a response, and then they didn't even answer all of my questions.

I saved my money and made my own workout plan.