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Pasadena CC agility class - info?

Has anyone here taken PCC's Police/Fire Agility class, or know someone who has? It sounded good, but the first class, earlier this evening, was not at all what I expected, and I'm wondering if it really does prepare students for the physical demands of the tests.

Since it's almost an hour's commute each way, plus the class time, and I have to make special arrangements due to my work schedule and also to have my son picked up from school, I'm trying to decide if it'll be worth sticking with it or if I should drop it soon and just keep working out on my own. (Rio Hondo is too far to get to during the week, as is LAHC.)

For those who have taken this class, I should add that this instructor may be without her usual "co-teacher" this semester -- perhaps that will make a difference.

Thanks for any info.
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