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Do you have a used Weight Vest to sell?

Hi Everyone,

I'll be ramping up my training in preparation for the CPAT exam. Does anyone have aused weight vest to sell?


I'm also looking for one.

Please pm me if interested.


I have a V-Max 50 lb vest I don't need any more. E-mail me and we'll talk business.

Email and PN sent.

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I, too, am looking for a weight vest for sale...any kind will do, so long as it can hold at least 50lbs, tho a VMAX or YMAX is preferred.

I am a 5'7", 140lbs female.

always out to learn

414dvfd has one for sale. I have ordered one on my own, so someone else may find this useful.

I ordered the V-Max Plate Vest from It's supposed to arrive on Thursday. I'll make a report on its quality when it arrives. I bought a set of 16 2.5lb. weight plates for $23, and I'll find some other way to add a few more pounds.

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Thanks for the head up aaron_lee. I sent 414dvfd a personal msg. Hopefully it is atill for sale. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on your vest when you get it.
always out to learn

Hey People,

I?m new to this form but I see that all of you want to get ready for the CPAT and are looking for a vest to train with. I?m going to be honest with all of you and say that you should invest on the ?ALL PRO Power Vest? at Sport Chalet. $100/Adjustable up to 70 lbs. I have my CPAT test on Dec 2 and after training 4 months with the vest I think I will past the test in 8min 30sec. I have lost 20 lbs and my legs have never been stronger.

I too needed a weight vest to add to my workouts. Purchased the 50lb V-Max and have to say it is a very nice product and well worth the price. Have been using it for running with 30lbs and it is very comfortable. It is a solid product and if you look on ebay you will find that V-max sells them there. You can end up saving a little money on a new one from them.