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shoe/attire for upcoming packtest

Wanted to know if an ankle high type shoe,or running shoe would be approiate for pack test,or wear some boot like would be used on the job,also lightweight clothing would that be recommended,first time taking this type of test.Been using back pack,not weight vest,so i hope that has been a good way to train.I have heard pack test was not bad,also heard is is pretty tough.Well i guess i will know soon,any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks to all out there reading this post.

Do you run 3 miles for that test? In under what time? How heavy is the vest? Just wondering because I might be taking that test soon.

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Stevek,I only know it is a hike,i believe(not a run) other than that i am not sure the best type of shoes or attire to wear,as i posted.Again i have not takin it,so like you,i have the same questions,i am sure some will reply that has been thru it,or knows more about it.where will you be taking it.Good luck.

Dan-O.. I do not have to do the pack test...but I have to take a "Fire Ground Survival "Class yearly for My contract work. Do you know of any classes coming up that I can attend??

Respectfully Submitted,
Jay Dudley, Retired Fire Engineer

I am taking a four day wildland fire class on Oahu, HI and at the end of the class we "might" take the pack test the instructor said. Where are you taking it Dan-O?
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