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CrossFit Workouts For Firefighter Candidates

CrossFit Orange County. You have seen the website, and heard about the workouts. CrossFit Orange County is owned and operated by career firefighters that can help anyone prepare for a candidate physical ability test. CrossFit methodology is based on functional movements, done in short duration at high intensity. Just like being on the fire ground. On the fireground, no one seperates cardio work and stregnth work. This is functional, and it works! We can scale any workout for any ability, and build from there. Join us for weekend group workout beginning 9/30/06 in Dana Point, CA More info, Or contact me at: "Train like your life depends on it, because it just might"
Train like your life depends on it, because it just might.

I would have to agree with Jeff's statements. I have looked at this website, and, coincidentally, over the years, have used many of the same techniques I see in their pictures. They really do work: Task specific, high intensity, explosive training... just as it needs to be to train for the job.
This stuff is not to be taken lightly- is not for the faint of heart. The exercises are intense, and should be shown by someone who really knows them... not just be guessed at. The difficulty/intensity/safety issue makes direct help from someone who knows very important. That menas, if you live in their area, and think you might need some instruction, go for it.
The bright side? More bang for your buck when you train this hard: spend less time, and get more accomplished.
Dr. Jen Milus, DC