Firefighter Return to Work Program has always acted as a representative of future firefighters. We have taken on many issues with City's and County's over the years to make sure that the way firefighters are hired is both fair and ethical. Since 1982 we have taken pride in being a part (silent part) of the fire service in the United States. This means we receive no funding from the government and we are not guided by their views. Our association is more in line with the views of labor and the International Association of Fire Fighters.

I am a member of the I.A.F.F. local 1684 and I find what communities are doing by laying off firefighters absolutely appalling. When I started my fire service career we worked with four members assigned to the companies. Now only our Truck Company has a staffing level of four. All of our engines are running with three members and the thought of laying off a single firefighter is unacceptable.

All laid off Firefighters are eligible for a FREE subscription to our service for a period of 12 months.


  1. You must have been employed as a full time professional firefighter working for an agency who has an organized labor group associated with the International Association of Fire Fighters.

  2. You must have completed your probation and not be a trainee, seasonal, probationary, reserve, cadet or any other classification of firefighter other than full time firefighter who has completed all components of training and holding the position of paid firefighter

  3. Your lay off must be the result of budget cuts/staffing reductions. Firefighters laid off because of poor performance evaluations or other disciplinary actions are not covered in this promotion

  4. We must receive a copy of your termination letter and a letter from your local explaining why firefighters were laid off from your department. These documents can be faxed to us: 1-805-658-7128 or mailed to: 4475 Dupont Ct. Suite 3, Ventura, Ca. 93003. For questions call: 1-800-326-8401 or email: or

  5. We will also need the dates of your employment; date hired and date of lay off.

  6. To complete the process we will need your contact information, name, mailing address, phone and email.